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Fees & Rebates


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Individual Therapy

Face-to-face/telehealth (50 min) fee: $230

Medicare rebate: $136.35
Gap fee : $93.65

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Couples Therapy

Face-to-face/telehealth (50 min) fee: $280.

Face-to-face/telehealth (80 min) fee: $300.

Couples therapy is billed at the rate of $280/session, and each session lasts 50 minutes. If we agree a longer session may be beneficial, an 80 minute session billed at $300 will be booked.

A Medicare rebate may be obtainable under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Program if you are referred by your General Practitioner (GP). After the initial six sessions, a review with your GP is required in order to determine your eligibility for an additional four sessions. To receive the Medicare rebate, please book a consultation with your GP for a referral letter and mental health care plan, which you will need to bring to your first appointment.


Consultations must be paid on the day and claims are processed after the full fee has been paid.


The Medicare and private health fund rebates do not cover the full consultation fee and a gap fee will be payable.


A GP referral is not required for those who would like to pay the full fee and claim from their private health insurance. Private health insurance rebates may vary between different companies and levels of cover. It is advisable to check with your health fund for details.

Individual Therapy

Please note that Medicare does not provide a rebate for couples therapy, only individual therapy under a mental health care plan.


You may be eligible for a rebate under your private health care fund and will need to speak to them directly regarding this matter. If eligible, we will provide you with a paid invoice that includes the relevant fund codes to claim your rebate for couples therapy.

Couples Therapy

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